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Jan, 1998

Very Helpful Product


Mesa, AZ

I am a average homeowner with no expertise in any particular trade. I have been looking for a way to "continue" restoring my kitchen cabinets, doors, etc. for some time now. I was looking for an easier less messy way to do the job. I found it in this product. I must tell you that I was very skeptic, I did not buy your product the first time saw it and my first impression was that it was a little bit overpriced. After trying it, I believe it is worth every penny and more!

I had restored half of my kitchen cabinets 3 years ago. I had done it the hard way: removing the doors, stripping the old varnish, re-sanding, etc. This product allowed me to finish my cabinets, saving a lot of elbow grease, time and money. The overall look of the cabinets I did with Restorzit is noticeable better than the previous method.